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We often find ourselves visiting several sites that each cater to a specific topic, whether it be sports, games, girls, etc.

The goal of is to be the one-stop place for all things man.

We generate unique and highly opinionated material that focuses specifically on what men love to read about. On top of that we integrate Twitter/RSS feeds to add any interesting news we might fail to touch upon (although this is a rare occurrence).

Once you enter you will not want to look anywhere else.

It is our goal to deliver all of the content you guys are looking for. men versus is always looking for new features to bring to the game, so if you have any ideas, we would love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy everything this site has to offer. Now make like a tree and get outta here (and read some articles).

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+ 6 reasons why you will love

#1: 100% Custom built content management system

We built our site from the ground up - no templates or out of the box content management systems here, bud. This allows us to present content as we designed for, without compromising or hacking through someone else's code. It also means that if you have a design or development suggestion, we just might consider it... just maybe.

#2: 100% Custom built Ajax commenting system

Our asynchronous system allows you to post comments on articles quickly without having to refresh the page. We also employ flexible login options and the ability to flag comments you don't like and reply to comments you do.

#3: Powerful account management

By joining, you have the ability to post comments with your fully unique alias, select an avatar and setup a profile. You can also subscribe to articles, save them for later and organize how they are shown.


#4: Dynamic site theme

If you haven't noticed, our site adjusts its theme automatically depending on the time. Light backgrounds during the day help you wake up at work, while dark backgrounds at night help you relax after a long day. Would you rather have the opposite? - you can adjust the theme at any time.


#5: Articles you want to read

Interesting articles and posts that will get you through your day. Tons of posts on our site and on our twitter will always keep you entertained.


#6: The staff

Menversus is composed of a diverse group of writers who are dedicated in bringing you the latest and most interesting stories. Like you, we know how boring work and life can be. That's where we come in. Throughout the day we hope to entertain you and keep you in the know.