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The Mega Sweet Electronic List

Fist Pump!

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It took a while... a search through my hard drive to find songs that I like. These songs are Techno, Trance, and Electronic based. I hope you enjoy, and I will have other genres soon. The stars(*) mean that they are really good...Well they all are, you be the judge. I will also try to do quick posts for songs of the day.

Data - One In A Million (Redial Remix)
*Trouble Andrew - RUN HIDE ft. Amanda Blank (produced by Diplo) [Trouble Gang Mixtape]
Hol Baumann-Ephemere
Secede - Leraine (Feat. Kettel)
Basement Jaxx ? Raindrops
Daedelus - Admit Defeat
Daedelus - Madilb Bonus Beats
Daedelus - Name Game
Imogen Heap - Tidal (Royal Sapien Remix)
Justice ? Phantom 1.5
Justice ? Genesis
*Skrillex - With You Friends (Original Mix)
Flying Lotus - Natural Selection Remix
Dj Mehdi - Signatune (T. Bangalter Edit)

Rex Mundi ? Opera of Northern Ocean (Phynn Remix)
John O`Collaghan ? Desert Orchid
Dobenbeck feat. Joanna - Please Don't Go
Arnej - Dust In The Wind
BT - Suddenly [Ferry Corsten Remix]
*DJ Eco Pres. Pacheco - Staring At The Sea [Masoud Remix]
*Deadmau5 - Alone With You
Deadmau5 - I Remember (Vocal Mix)
*Deadmau5 ? Jaded
*Deadmau5 - Not Exactly
*Enigma ? Return to Innocence
Greg Downey - Global Code [Scot Project Remix]
Leon Bolier ? Shimamoto
Muse - Resistance [Tiesto Remix]
Oceanlab ? Clear Blue Water(Ferry Cortsen Remix)
Shiny Toy Guns - Major tom (adam k and soha remix)
*Solarstone - The Calling [RAM Remix]
Yuri Kane - Right Back

dance trance techno electronic fist pump music
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