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Generation Z Sports Mindset

The List

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This list was inspired by JayRizzi?s Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2014. Basically, this is a list of how kids from Generation Z think about sports. Generation Z?s earliest birth is generally dated in the mid 1990s and continues through now. So I am talking about kids stretching from elementary school to at the very latest sophomores in high school. The landscape of sports has changed throughout the years and the way I think about sports is different from my parents and so on and so forth. For me, the New York Yankees are a powerhouse team who has won five World Series Titles since I have been born, but for my little cousin, they still trail the Boston Red Sox 2 to 1 in World Series Titles since he was born. Here is the list below:

1. The M.O. of professional sports has always been if you aren?t cheating, you aren?t trying.

2. Kobe Bryant has always worn the number 24.

3. The Oakland Raiders have always been bad.

4. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa never saved baseball in 1998.

5. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were the ones who ruined baseball with steroids.

6. John Madden was made famous by his football video game.

7. Fantasy sports always existed.

8. Michael Jordan never played for the Chicago Bulls.

9. Michael Vick never ended the Packer?s undefeated playoff record at Lambeau Field.

10. Vince Carter was never ?Air Canada?.

11. The Dallas Cowboys were never America?s team.

12. The New York Knicks have never won a playoff series.

13. MMA has always been more popular than boxing.

14. Monday night football has always been on ESPN.

15. Barry Bonds has always been baseballs home run king.

16. USC athletics have never done anything honest.

17. Kobe Bryant has never had an afro.

18. Ken Griffey Jr. was never known as ?The Kid?.

19. Mike Tyson is better known for his role in ?The Hangover? than for being an all-time great boxer.

20. The Pacers and Knicks were never rivals.

21. Everyone is on steroids.

22. A player?s ability is tied to the amount of followers he/she has on twitter.

23. The Colts have never had a losing record.

24. The Lions have never had a winning record.

25. The NBA has never had a great, white American-born player.

26. Pedro Martinez was never a dominant pitcher.

27. Barry Bonds was never skinny.

28. The Red Sox were never cursed.

29. No-hitters in baseball are a regular occurrence.

30. Shaq was never on the Orlando Magic.

31. The 49ers have never won a super bowl.

32. They have no clue who Barry Sanders is.

33. Turf fields have always been the norm in football stadiums.

34. Soccer is only played once every four years.

35. Sick highlights have always been available to fans on YouTube.

36. LeBron James has always been the best player in the NBA.

37. The Pacers have always been a white-bread team.

38. Dwight Howard is the original ?superman?.

39. The city of Los Angeles never had a professional football team.

40. There have always been three football games played on Thanksgiving Day.

41. Al Davis has always been crazy.

42. Roger Clemens has never played for the Red Sox.

43. Brett Favre retires at the end of every season of his career.

44. #85 on the Bengals is better known as Chad Ochocinco instead of Chad Johnson.

45. Adam Morrison is just a nobody on the Lakers.

46. Drew Bledsoe never started over Tom Brady.

47. Have never known the Yankees without Derek Jeter.

48. Jason Kidd never had bleach-blonde hair.

49. Stephon Marbury has always been crazy.

50. They have no clue Allen Iverson doesn?t like practice.

Generation Z
Mike Tyson
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New York Yankees
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