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Week 1 Picks

It's finally football season!

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Below are the winning teams for the first week of the NFL. Most of the point spreads are not up yet, so I did not factor them in. Enjoy!

Minnesota at New Orleans (Thursday, 8:30pm)

This is the first game for a reason; it features a rematch of the NFC championship. Both teams have Super Bowl aspirations, and both teams have dynamic offenses and defenses. In whats sure to be a barn burner, I would bet on New Orleans because of the Super Bowl high they are on, and the whole Brett Favre story doesn't seem as glamorous this year.

Detroit at Chicago (Sunday, 1:00pm)

This one is not as obvious as it may first appear. I think these teams are going in opposite directions, the Lions moving up, and the Bears down. If Detroit were given any points in this game, I would definitely pick them to cover. If Detroit were at home, I would also bet on them to win. However, if forced to pick a winner in this game, I would begrudgingly choose the Bears.

Miami at Buffalo (Sunday, 1:00pm)

This is an easy one to pick. Buffalo is all sorts of horrible, and Miami has a great chance to make the playoffs. I pick the Dolphins in a rout.

Cleveland at Tampa Bay (Sunday, 1:00pm)

This is the opposite of the Vikings/Saints game in that it features two of the leagues bottom feeders. It is also a hard one to pick because both teams are so wretched. That is what I get paid the big bucks for however, so I choose Tampa Bay in a low scoring affair.

Carolina at New York Giants (Sunday, 1:00pm)

I truly think that Panthers will have a good year, even without a proven winner at quarterback. At the same time, I think the Giants will have a very average year in a stacked division. I am really torn on this game, but I pick the Giants because they are historically strong starters, and Carolina will need a few weeks to get their quarterback situation figured out.

Denver at Jacksonville (Sunday, 1:00pm)

I have absolutely no faith in Denver this year. I am not in the least bit awed by the Jaguars, but at home I pick them to beat a Bronco team that traded away all of their good players.

Cincinnati at New England (Sunday, 1:00pm)

New England is not even close to the New England of a few years past. Cincinnati on the other hand is a team with some true stars. Although this game is in New England, I choose the Bengals to win in an offensive shootout.

Atlanta at Pittsburgh (Sunday, 1:00pm)

Both of these teams are right on the borderline of making the playoffs, and although this game is at home, without Big Ben, the Steelers are too shaky offensively. The other two quarterbacks for the Steelers haven't done anything in preseason, so I would bet on Atlanta.

These teams are on the Borderline...

Indianapolis at Houston (Sunday, 1:00pm)

Houston is everyone's team every year to make it to the playoffs. This year they look promising, but not against proven winners in the Colts. Although me and everyone this side of the Mason Dixon line believe the Texan's will make the playoffs, I can't pick against the Colts.

Oakland at Tennessee (Sunday, 1:00pm)

I think Oakland will be a surprise team this year, but with the best running back in the league in Chris Johnson, and a quarterback who I believe is on track to have a breakout year, I don't see the Raiders pulling off the upset on the road.

Green Bay at Philadelphia (Sunday, 4:15pm)

Everyone tells me that Aaron Rodgers is going to have a hall of fame season this year. He is projected as the highest ranked quarterback in fantasy, and Philadelphia is beginning a new era at quarterback. Although this game is at Philadelphia, and their fans are some of the loudest, I have jumped on the Green Bay express, so I pick the Packers.

Arizona at St. Louis (Sunday, 4:15pm)

Arizona will take a big step backwards this year upon loosing Kurt Warner at quarterback. If you read fellow MenVersus writer Reg Tucciarone's article on Matt Lienart, (, you will know that the Cardinal's are in for a rough year. That being said, St. Louis is the worst team in the NFL, so you have to take the Cardinal's here.

San Francisco at Seattle (Sunday, 4:15pm)

Let me break this sucker down for you with the help of Tom Petty....

The 49er's are gonna destroy the NFC West this year! If they don't win every game against their divisional opponents, I will be shocked. Their division is like fellow MenVersus writer JayRizzi's basketball IQ, suspect at best. The Seahawk's should change their name to the Pigeons after this game is over.

Dallas at Washington (Sunday, 8:20pm)

No one knows how Washington will do this year upon signing the once great Donovan McNabb. There is talk that he has a lingering injury, and the team was a disappointment last year. I am very interested to see what new head coach Mike Shanahan can do, but in this game the Cowboys are an easy pick to win. They are a lock to win the division this year and perhaps win the NFC and play at home in the Superbowl.

Baltimore at New York Jets (Monday, 7:00pm)

Everyone is picking the Jets to go far this year. It's hard not to get sucked up in all of it considering they went to the AFC title game last year. They are a young team with a nucleus of talented players. However, they still haven't signed the central figure of that defense in Darrelle Revis, (, and until they do, the team is not the same. Baltimore is a team with a defensively minded past, with a young quarterback who made them an offensive threat last year. Although this game is at home for the Jets, I pick Baltimore to win.

San Diego at Kansas City (Monday, 10:15pm)

San Diego should have this division locked up about six games into the season, and Kansas City hasn't been relevant for the last five years. The Chiefs may improve from their dismal record last year, but they have no chance in this game.

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